Michel Roux to open new restaurant at The Langham

Michel Roux will open a new restaurant in Palm Court at The Langham on 22 May. 

Chez Roux is a concept inspired by the chef's childhood memories, including life in rural Kent in the 1960s, being raised at the Fairlawne estate where his father, Albert Roux OBE, worked as a private chef for the Cazalet family, and the first menus from Le Gavroche in 1967. 

Chez Roux presents the unique opportunity for guests to experience Michel Roux's cooking in London, with menus that showcase British classics and traditional French cooking methods. 

Dining at Chez Roux

To start, guests will be able to try the chef's take on Welsh rarebit, rich with stout and Montgomery cheddar and piquant with mustard, Worcestershire sauce and pickled walnut. Mains will include lamb chops reform, inspired by Alexis Soyer's classic 1830s recipe, consisting of herb-crusted lamb, faggot and reform sauce. There will also be grilled lobster with garlic butter, fries and béarnaise sauce, one of Roux's all-time favourite dishes. 

The menu will be complemented by a selection of premium wines and Champagnes, as well as a collection of hand-crafted cocktails, including the Queen's Dubonnet and Maderia Cobbler. 

On the upcoming launch, Roux comments: "I have such fond memories of growing up at Fairlawne, where my father spent seven years cooking for the Cazalet family.

"The menu at Chez Roux is inspired by these early memories. Many of the recipes that were popular during the 60s have been consigned to history, yet there is so much love about the dishes I remember from this time – British classics combined with traditional French techniques. So, with a touch of nostalgia and much excitement, I can't wait for guests to try the menus at Chez Roux at The Langham."

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