Promoted: Time to Thrive

As restaurants ready themselves for reopening through the spring and summer months, Dine Out has launched Time to Thrive, collaborating with key suppliers to offer readers advice and essential thoughts on preparing for a phased reopening that covers all bases. 

The initiative will appear in the pages of Dine Out, guiding and updating operators as restrictions are eased and more doors are opened. We’re with you every step of the way.


Stay on-trend with the booming popularity of no/low by offering award-winning beer from the UK’s only dedicated alcohol-free brewery. With 76% of consumers saying they will continue or increase their consumption of alcohol-free in 2021, diners are looking for quality, adult choices when they choose not to drink. Nirvana Brewery’s unfiltered craft lager pairs beautifully with a wide array of dishes, while their range of ales pleases even the most discerning craft beer drinker. 

Nirvana has led the no/low movement since 2016, a true craft brewery focussed on quality ingredients and brewing the traditional way. Our range is under 0.5% ABV and vegan, with gluten-free options available. Enjoy higher margins and repeat purchases by upselling soft drinks to premium adult alternatives. Contact [email protected] for samples.



VoCoVo is a plug-and-play headset communication system, loved and trusted by both giants and independents within the retail and hospitality space – from TGI Friday to your local fish and chip shop. Their solution is perfect for teams who need reliable, crystal-clear conversations on-the-go without complex installation and can connect teams over wide areas including indoor and outdoor dining areas. 

By using smart, ergonomic headsets, team members can communicate discreetly so that their operations run smoother than ever. As a result, VoCoVo users see increased levels of efficiency, satisfaction and safety among their staff. And as a modular solution, your team can wear it how they want so that they can focus on what is really important – the customer.

Visit our website or call 0845 2200200.



The Fellowes AeraMax Pro air purifiers have shown a 99.99% airborne reduction of a coronavirus surrogate within 60 minutes of operation. 

The British Medical Journal and British Medical Association recently released guidance on how improving indoor ventilation and air quality will be crucial to keep people safe indoors as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.  

Certified by Shanghai WEIPU Chemical Technology Service Company, Fellowes AeraMax Pro air purifiers demonstrate effectiveness in reducing the aerosolised airborne concentration of Human Coronavirus 229E in a test chamber, reaching 99.99% airborne reduction within one hour of operation.  

Furthermore, AeraMax Pro air purifiers have also been proven to remove 99.9% of the H1N1 virus within 35 minutes of operation, as certified by Airmid Health Group Limited in Dublin, Ireland.



Our world has changed. It has been hard for businesses which remained open, as well as businesses which operated in diminished capacity or paused altogether, waiting for safer times. And now, for many businesses, it’s time to move forward.

Public spaces are viewed with higher hygiene concerns than ever before. We need to establish a new hygiene standard, which will be everyone’s responsibility to maintain, but will require businesses to set and secure.

With extensive global experience in professional hygiene, Tork is here to support you with all the knowledge and expertise you need to meet – and even exceed – new hygiene expectations. Our Tork hygiene experts have created free Back to Business toolkits, complete with hygiene signage, checklists, advice and more.