UKH publishes Levelling Up report

UKHospitality (UKH) has published a new report, Level Up Hospitality – Level Up Society, highlighting how the sector is uniquely positioned to deliver growth and opportunity across the country.

The industry body posits that the hospitality industry has a role to play in delivering the government's and society's priorities by generating jobs and driving industry growth. 

Pre-pandemic, the sector contributed £130bn in economic activity,  generated £39bn in tax and represented 10% of UK employment. With businesses in every village, town and city, the industry is well placed to create jobs, attract invesment and boost economic growth. 

The report highlights six areas which can deliver the greatest impact: 

  1. Local leadership – UKH will support local government to ensure hospitality businesses can thrive
  2. Skills – UKH will better promote hospitality as a desirable career route
  3. Pride in place – demonstrating how hospitality venues are at the core of every local community
  4. Health & wellbeing – showcasing the sector's role as complementary to a healthy lifestyle
  5. Digital connectivity – ensuring all venues can offer cosumers access to high-speed data
  6. Research & development – playing a leadership roile in the rollout of research and development across the sector. 

In addition to the report, levelling up is also the focus of UKH’s annual Summer Conference. With speakers and panelists including Sarah Willingham, former Dragon's Den entrepreneur and founder of Nightcap, and Suzanne Baker, Commercial & Property Director at Stonegate Group, the conference, titled The rising tide – hospitality as a catalyst for nationwide growth, will take place on 7 June 2022, and will explore how the industry will deliver solutions to issues the issues outlined in the report.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UKH, comments: "Despite more than two years of setbacks, the sector is ready to get back on track and lead the way towards sustainable recovery and resilience.

"Hospitality is the great leveller and we are working closely with government to deliver on its Levelling Up agenda, unlocking growth and opportunity in local economies across the country. Hospitality provides the solution to levelling up every community in the country and offers a vast range of opportunities, from entry level jobs to highly skilled ones. The inclusive nature of the sector provides opportunities for individuals across the ages, guided by a truly team spirited ethos in every venue."

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