Big Night opens in Hackney

A new dining experience inspired by Japanese yakitori izakayas has opened in Hackney, London.

The Big Night dining offer centres on small plates and big flavours, blending Asian and Eastern European influences into a variety of savoury skewers. The menu celebrates seasonality and spotlights fresh and fermented variations of produce. 

Highlights include smoky beetroot skewers, pickled mussels, tangy kimchi and miso banoffee. More adventurous options include lamb heart and kidney skewers and Chinese tahini-topped fermented sprouts. There are also plenty of vegan options and everything aside from the noodles, pork skewer and soy sauce is gluten-free.

Planet-friendly eats

Sustainability is at the heart of Big Night, with ethically sourced meat from a local butcher (based just one minute away) and vegetables supplied from sustainable British farms. 

The restaurant also gives onion peels a second life by smoking them in side dishes, while kraut offcuts are repurposed to infuse a spicy kick into the kimchi paste. 

Created by Joshua Ralphs and Jack O'Connor, the venue features spacious, communal tables to encourage a communal experience. It also has a vast range of cocktails available, including the signature Bigroni, a Negroni twist featuring Fernet Branca and Palestinian lime. 

"I've always loved cooking and had this dream of creating a place where people could enjoy amazing food, hang out with friends and just have a good time," says Ralphs. "After watching Stanley Tucci's 'Big Night', I thought yes, this is exactly the kind of vibe we should be aiming for. That movie moment played a big role in inspiring the idea behind our restaurant. I'm excited to get started and hope Big Night becomes everyone's go-to spot for great food and great memories."

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