Pepsi is making a splash in the category with its new rebrand, focused on great taste and refreshment, to support your soft drinks sales and help recruit the next generation of drinkers into the cola category. 

Rolling out now, the rebrand will create a consistent identity across the Pepsi MAX®, diet, regular and flavoured cola ranges with a soft rollout on dispense that applies to new installs only. It will modernise its flagship brand with bolder, more vibrant packaging amid evolving consumer tastes, while still incorporating elements from its iconic past. 

Did you know that 70% of cola consumption occasions are driven by consumers who say they 'enjoy the taste[1]? The rebrand campaign therefore underpins how the great, bold taste of Pepsi fuels these moments of enjoyment.

To help you encourage repeat purchase in-outlet, the brand is supporting the rollout with new Point Of Sale (POS) from March to create a better experience in outlet. To ensure brand awareness is at an all-time high, the rebrand will also be supported by a fully integrated campaign, including TV, Radio, out-of-home and experiential marketing.

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[1] Kantar Usage, All Consumers, Total At Home + Carried Out, 26.11.2023, 52 weeks