Bizimply launches employee engagement platform

A workforce management software specialist has launched a new tool to help hospitality operators improve employee engagement. 

Bizimply's latest tool, Bizimply Connect, ensures all communications between employers and employees are open, transparent and kept separate from personal communication apps. 

Bizimply Connect enables communication in real-time on a company-wide, site-specific or one-to-one messaging basis. Operators will be able to use the platform to share rotas, request short-notice cover, update team members on new policies or marketing activities, or send tailored information to individuals. 

For staff, Bizimply Connect offers a way to quickly communicate with their GM or supervisor. They can also use the platform to chat with colleagues in their team or wider company, to share information and ideas or to organise social events. 

Alex Dyer, UK MD of Bizimply, comments: "Engaged teams are the key to successful hospitality businesses: they thrive in their work and interact positively with customers to deliver exceptional service and memorable experiences. They are more loyal to their employer and less likely to leave, which is vital for operators facing the ongoing staff recruitment challenge."

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