Nico Simeone reveals immersive cocktail experience

Restaurateur Nico Simeone is taking guests on a journey down the yellow brick world with his first-ever immersive cocktail experience, The Land of Oz. 

The Somewhere by Nico cocktail menu is inspired by the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, with alcoholic and alcohol-free cocktails inspired by iconic characters, including the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Wicked Witch of the West. 

Land of Oz is the first in a series of immersive cocktail experiences from the minds behind Six by Nico. Customers can expect eight limited edition cocktails, including Welcome to Oz, a light and floral treat including gin, chamomile, bergamot and Sangiovese Primitivo wine; and the Yellow Brick Road, a non-alcoholic serve made with Mexican agave spirit and yellow bell pepper cordial. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Much like Six by Nico, the six-course experience takes customers on a journey, with each cocktail accompanied by a food pairing. Somewhere by Nico will announce a new cocktail experience – drawing from dreams, stories, memories and myths – every six weeks. 

With theatre at the heart of Somewhere by Nico, drinks are firmly in the spotlight and the new venue on Byres Road in Glasgow will be fully inclusive, with alcohol-free versions of every cocktail on the experiential menu. 

Brand director Morgan Pope comments: "Each visit to Somewhere is fully immersive, and we've designed each world to embody experiences that transport people somewhere – to a point in their memories, dreams, past or present.

"The cocktails are the natural focal point, carefully and creatively crafted to be a multisensory experience. The Land of Oz experience should take people a step closer to the Emerald City with every course. You'll journey through poppy fields, encounter familiar faces along the way and follow in Dorothy's footsteps in an unforgettable adventure of your own.

"As with all the worlds we create, it's inclusive, so there's a non-alcoholic version of the Land of Oz menu so everybody can venture Somewhere over the rainbow, whether you choose to drink alcohol or not."

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